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A country where the law rules – money and investments in Montenegro are safe

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The public executor, Vladan Vujović, evicted Casino Avala from the leased space in the Avala Hotel in Budva, after almost a decade of trial, Beppler & Jacobson Montenegro announced.

– With this, the owners of the hotel took over the space and ended the dispute that filled the columns of the press for years due to the controversies that followed the eviction – it is stated in the announcement.

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The lease agreement between Casino Avala and the company that manages Hotel Avala, Beppler & Jacobson Montenegro, was terminated in 2010, after the tenant stopped paying rent.

From that moment, a large number of disputes were conducted between the two companies, which culminated on January 26, when the public bailiff, Vladan Vujović, changed the locks on the front doors and handed over the keys to the elite area to the hotel owners.

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– The legally binding judgment, which terminated the lease agreement and determined the tenant’s eviction, was passed back in 2014, but since then, a real war has been going on between the owners of the premises to enforce this judgment. On that road, on the opposite side, there were often some, as they were called by all the Montenegrin media, ‘renegade parts of the state government’, as a result of which the whole procedure got the epithet of controversial – the statement added.

Disputes between former business partners, as they claim, were abundant in legal precedents, so the execution of the final and enforceable judgment was delayed due to the alleged social rights of the casino workers, then due to the mysterious registration of property rights on the disputed area in the cadastre in favor of the tenant, but also due to the incredible verdict of the Basic Court of Kotor, by which ownership of the space was assigned to the tenant based on oral testimony, contrary to the construction documentation.
The lawyer of the hotel owner, Marko Milanović, said that the judicial system of Montenegro showed seriousness and the ability to deal with various pressures from the powerful.

– After eight years, the judgment was finally implemented, which was confirmed by all the courts of Montenegro, including the Supreme Court, and in this way a message was sent to the powerful that Montenegro is a country where the law rules and that no one will be allowed to place himself above the state. – said Milanović.

In this way, as they claim in the company Beppler & Jacobson Montenegro, a message was sent to foreign investors that their money and investments in Montenegro are safe.

– The implementation of the verdict was met with satisfaction by the hotel owners, and new investments in luxury space, new jobs, as well as income for the state can be expected – the announcement concludes.

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